Company history

In 1979, Bernard Homann founded Homann Immobilien in Münster-Nienberge.Homann Immobilien in Münster-Nienberge.

Bernard Homann’s first business after the founding of the company was the sale of family terraced houses by a non-profit housing association.

The sale of new buildings is regarded as the most demanding business in the industry. Because the product to be sold – the houses – exists only on paper.

At the end of the 1970s there was neither the Internet as a presentation platform for colourful, illustrative and expressive photos, nor the possibility of three-dimensional visualisation on the computer. Imagination, imagination and persuasiveness, which explained the product to the customers and brought it closer, were important and decisive in sales. Homann accepted these challenges.

From the very beginning, it was also important to him to stand up for his concerns with his face and his person. For years he has appeared once a week with his photo in the real estate supplement of the local newspapers. To maintain discretion and at the same time represent an open and clear word in the matter was and is his goal and obligation at the same time.

An owner-managed family busines

The next generation is already working in the owner-managed company. Tom B. Homann and Eve Homann both completed their training as real estate agents in the family business and are now studying at Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

Bernard Homann was born on 18.12.1948 and grew up in Münster-Roxel. His family has lived here since 1764.

After graduating from school in 1966, Bernard Homann completed training in the civil service. At the Beamtenheimstättenwerk (BHW) he gained his first experience in the real estate industry. As a part-time financial advisor, he specialized in construction financing and founded Homann Baufinanz in 1975. Because the demand was so great, he also looked for investment properties for clients to whom he had arranged financing. So the step of founding his own broker office in 1979 was obvious.

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The next generation has been working for the company since 2008. Eve Homann, born on 22.01.1990, and Tom Homann, born on 30.03.1993, have both successfully completed their training as state-certified real estate agents with the IHK certificate. At the European Business School in Bochum, both Eve and – from autumn 2014 – Tom will be completing the dual Bachelor’s programme in Real Estate, which provides comprehensive skills in all areas of the housing and real estate industry.

Unsere Mitgliedschaften und Kooperationen

Wir legen großen Wert auf unser Engagement in zahlreichen Verbänden und Vereinen.

The company is growing

Between 1982 and 2012 Bernard Homann founded seven companies and opened branches throughout the Münsterland region. His activities included the sale and leasing of residential and commercial properties as well as agricultural properties, and increasingly also residential construction and construction financing. The company celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009  The most recent projects include the establishment of a housing company for the construction of high-quality apartments (Homann Exclusives Wohnen GmbH), aimed at the 50+ target group, and the establishment of a Berlin location.

In 1982 Bernard Homann founded Homann Hausverwaltung in response to customer demand in this sector. The decision to sell this division in 1998 strengthened the concentration on the core business of brokerage.

In 1983 Homann Wohnbau-GmbH was founded. As a property developer, it was responsible for the construction of houses throughout the Münsterland region, in many cases detached houses, villas and semi-detached houses. The so-called Sylterhaus with a medium-sized gable in the façade met with great approval: Homann Wohnbau-GmbH was the first in the region to introduce this villa style.

Project development

For more than ten years, Homann Immobilien has been increasingly active in the development of its own projects in the premium segment, exploiting the potential of synergies from good market knowledge, project development and financing experience. In this way, the company also makes a contribution to modern urban development.

Since 2006, Homann Immobilien has been increasingly developing projects in the premium segment itself, searching for and building on plots of land. The project developments usually comprised six to ten units or apartments that were adapted to individual requirements, sold to owner-occupiers or investors. The background to this change was a business relocation and market adjustment.

Always open to new technology and new trends, Bernard Homann switched his administration to computer systems early on. As early as the 1980s, for example, he had a screen placed in the shop window, which continuously presented all the offers. Today, virtual, three-dimensional viewing tours, which can be viewed on a PC at home and accompanied by qualified telephone advice, are part of Homann Immobilien’s standard offering and complement personal guided tours on site. The broadband Internet connection enables floor plans to be sent within seconds. All offers and services are available via the Homann App. Bernard Homann attaches particular importance to the training of his employees.

As early as 1978, Bernard Homann used electronic tools to calculate construction financing.

The Nixdorf computer system installed in 1986 opened up a new era: the index card disappeared and data maintenance was simplified many times over. In 1997, personal computers moved into the offices and branches. This was accompanied by the installation of Linux servers with Windows95 clients and the connection of all branches. One advantage of the new operating software was its simpler handling.

In 1998, Homann Immobilien also launched Immonet, which had been developed by Ring Deutscher Makler in collaboration with Bernard Homann. Homann Immobilien KG used it to design its first Internet presence. The real estate database they developed themselves aimed to establish a closer relationship with their customers. In 2003, the EDP system was completely converted to Windows 2003 Server, equipped with a new 2.4 GHZ-Dell terminal server and Windows XP clients.

In 1981 the company moved its office to the city centre of Münster on Neubrückenstraße near the Stadttheater. In 1984 it moved to its present location in the pavilion at Servatiiplatz 7. The good business development led to the recruitment of new employees who needed additional work space: conversions and enlargements were carried out. The external architecture of the company headquarters remained unaffected. Its floor-to-ceiling glass windows symbolize transparency and openness – values that are among the basic principles of Bernard Homanns‘ entrepreneurial activities.