„Tradition and innovation are important values."

Tradition and innovation are important values for Bernard Homann. They determine his professional actions and also shape his commitment to professional associations and societies. Since 1985, Bernard Homann has been a member of the professional association Ring Deutscher Makler (RDM), which cultivates the exchange among professionals and contributes to the expansion of professional competence and knowledge. In 2013, Homann joined the German Real Estate Association (IVD), which was formed in 2004 from the merger of RDM and the Association of German Real Estate Agents (VDM).

In 1987 Bernard Homann became a member of the Westphalian Property Exchange, founded in 1964. It brings together 12 owner-managed real estate brokers in Münster and the Münsterland region and cultivates trusting cooperation and open exchange among colleagues.

"HOMANN IMMOBILIEN is the top dog in Münster"

In the issue of immobilienmanager 3-2013, Homann Immobilien is rightly called the top dog in Münster.

You can read the article here: immobilienmanager


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