Quality features

Quality features play an important role in the selection of a real estate agent. We will show you what you absolutely have to value.

Market knowledge

Professional real estate agents are familiar with the structures and situation of the market. HOMANN IMMOBILIEN has been present in Münster and the region for almost 40 years. Benefit from our experience! We advise you in advance about prices, rents and trends on the market.

Individual advice

A serious broker is anxious to analyze the needs and objectives of his clients to ensure an optimal advice, which also takes into account the economic situation of his prospective

Your professional real estate agent in Münster and its region


Problem sensitivity

We always give you an honest evaluation

Market knowledge

We know the real estate market in Münster.

Detailed consulting service

We'll take all the time you need.


The commission is determined in advance

Individual consultation

We first analyse your situation

Viewing appointments

Of course we are at your site


Full insight via our object tracking

Detailed advice without looking at the clock

Buying real estate is a complex matter. We take the time you think is necessary – whether in our office or at your home. This is the only way we can guarantee that we achieve the best possible result for you. This has been our concern and motivation for three decades.

Viewing appointments

A serious working broker is present at every local appointment. This is the only way to ensure that important questions can already be clarified on site.

Problem Sensitivity

A broker of integrity gives you an honest and precise assessment of your wish to buy or sell. Those who talk you into the „blue from heaven“ certainly do not mean you well. The Homann real estate group has been one of the contacts in the real estate sector in Münster for over 30 years, because we take the trouble to examine in detail where problems may exist or may arise and how we can solve them in your interest. We are also available to you in questions of construction financing and have been working closely and trustfully in this sector with the construction financing company „Freie Hypo“, which has been awarded a prize by the Stiftung Warentest foundation for product testing, for a long time.


As a special service HOMANN IMMOBILIEN offers you the possibility of „object tracking“.

This allows you to follow all marketing activities online from the comfort of your own home and you are always informed in detail and precisely about the development status. Every professionally working real estate agent will certainly be able to give you his references regarding successfully completed properties.

You can find a selection of our marketing successes to date here.