Life annuity

Life annuity

„An old tree can’t be planted“

„There’s a lot of money in your four walls – use it!“

Perhaps you have already thought about using the value of your own property and still being able to stay in your own home.

As the owner of a property, you have often invested all available funds in your house, cared for your garden and house and perhaps also renounced one or the other holiday because the heating had to be renewed.

Surely your property is a good investment – your retirement provision.
However, your assets are „tied up“ in your own property. A fortune that you could actually use well, be it for the care of relatives, a barrier-free conversion or finally going on the great journey of which you have been dreaming for a long time or perhaps support the family.

Perhaps you are rich in assets and at the same time poor in available money for beautiful things. If you have decided to stay in your own home instead of selling it, the real estate annuity could be a solution for you.

What is the real estate annuity?

The principle is simple: your property is sold and you receive the purchase price not in one sum, but in monthly installments (pension) until the end of your life AND at the same time you remain rent free in your property. In addition, the costs for possible future maintenance (e.g. defective heating …) are no longer a burden for you. You can also agree individually that a one-off payment is combined with a monthly pension payment.

Die Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG stands for a financially strong investor, guarantees value-preserving maintenance, offers a transparent, insolvency-proof contract and all this on the basis of a valuation by an expert appraiser.

Which properties are suitable for the life annuity model and whether the „stone annuity“ is suitable for you as the owner should be examined in an individual consultation. In principle, the offer is aimed at property owners aged 70 and over, as individuals or couples.

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